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ProMart Oy is a fast growing Finnish technical wholesaler whose focus is on the best quality of service. Our product and service portfolio covers the industry, construction, repair and maintenance tools, supplies, personal protection and other small equipment comprehensively. Our product line consists of products from strong and well-known brands and suppliers that professionals have experienced to be functional and reliable. Our service enables our customers to replace several marginal suppliers with one comprehensive supplier. We offer our various service models throughout Finland.

Our growth is sustainable and profitable. In this period our turnover will reach more than 20 million euros. It is important for us to have a high level of customer satisfaction. We reach this with a unique service concept, professionalism and the best products in the industry. Our values - Honesty - Continuous development – Succeeding together - strongly affect our work in ProMart Oy. Values guide our staff in everyday work with customers, suppliers and other partners. 

1. Succeeding together
Succeeding together is the main idea of our business. The goal is long-term successful co-operation with customers. It is economically profitable for our customers to use our services because their own operations become more efficient. We are committed to work best for our customers by looking for solutions to the challenges they face, optimizing their inventory rotation and pricing our products consistently.

2. Honesty
Honesty guides us in our all acts. Honesty and openness which create trust are the conditions for long-term co-operation with both customers and suppliers, without forgetting other partners.

3. Continuous development
The business world is changing all the time. Securing successful co-operation requires continuous development of us. This requirement applies to our business models, information systems, organization and staff. We want to produce the maximum benefit for our customers in changing situations.

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