The best service for professionals

Personal services

As a ProMart customer, you save time, money and nerves. We take care of purchasing and delivery of small supplies for a customer to save time and effort. With our service, customers can have their ordering and small supplies logistics operations cut or completely outsourced.

Technical know-how

Our representative is on site with the customer to solve challenges they face and to provide expert services in technical matters. Customer can be assured of the productivity, safety and comfort of your construction sites, the reliability of your tools and the comprehensive management of costs.


We define with the customer the storage and filling quantities for the supplies based on consumption. The stock situation is monitored through regular customer visits by our sales representative. We stock all the shelving products so the delivery time is very short, even in unexpected situations. Communication between the customer and ProMart goes seamless when our same sales representative takes care of the entire service chain.

ProMart stores

ProMart stores are located in Pirkkala and Vantaa.

In addition to the stores, we have pick-up warehouses with sales offices in Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Oulu.

The product range of stores is built on the basis of customer needs in construction and industry.


Our electronic services include a mobile application with device register, an online store and an EasyMart self-service store. Our electronic services scale according to customer size and need.

Electronic services support the service package. Our representative will help you find a service package that will benefit your operations, guide you through the implementation and customize functionalities to suit you. The services benefit both a solo entrepreneur and a large company.

EasyMart self-service store

EasyMart is a free-standing auto store that can be placed into production facilities, to factory sites and construction sites, or placed on commercial properties, exactly where the work takes place.

The service minimizes departures from workplaces and enables the immediate availability of goods. Users log in to the store with a personal key card at any time of the day. The system automatically identifies and records the collected products. Costs are automatically allocated as desired because system records who and where the products has taken. It is easy to monitor the consumption of goods.

The ProMart sales assistant fills the shelves according to the defined alarm limits. The sales representative takes care of the store’s functionality, the smoothness of the service concept and updates the product range as needs change. EasyMart is easy, convenient and cost-effective to use.

Mobile application and e-commerce

The ProMart e-commerce and mobile app are tools for ordering, device management, consumption tracking and reporting. The application can be downloaded from application stores. When products are taken from the customer warehouse, they are recorded using the application. The customer gets their expenses allocated as desired and replenishments come automatically.

Device register

Our Device register is an easy-to-use application for fleet management. From the application, you can see updated information about the device base and service history. The application sends automatic service calls if a device needs regular inspection. It is possible to add all customer’s devices to the register.

Power tools and devices purchased from ProMart are automatically registered. Most power tool brands come with an extended warranty period without separate registrations. If the device breaks down, you can send a service request from the device card without contacting us separately. Devices can be tracked by cost center, user, or registration number. Device lists can be printed from the device register, for example for inventory.

Logistic services

How much do mechanics spend working hours on shopping trips?

A key factor in the productivity of production, construction sites, repair shops, or maintenance is the uninterrupted execution of work. This can succeed if the right goods are in the right place at the right time. By using our logistics services, our customers can focus on doing their own work without the need for store visits.



Site service

With the help of the site service, shop visits are minimized, the sites remain on schedule and the work is smooth. We can deliver individual orders to sites or we can place a customer warehouse on site. The customer warehouse is designed together with the customer and can include all accessories from the coffee package to the concrete screws.

Tool kits

We assemble mechanic-, car-, or unit-specific tool kits, with the tool brands and models desired by the customer. With this service, you get all the tools in one place and with one order at a competitive price.

Job site and supply packages

By focusing supply purchases, manufacturer and producer can reduce time per mechanic used for purchases. This facilitates quality control and ensures that various stages of work use an approved and correct fasteners and construction materials. If needed, items can be ordered even with different units of measure.

Ordering supplies is easy and effortless. Items can be labeled for specific stage of a job in a packaging slip.

Quality construction work in every stage!

Other services

We develop our services together with our customers. In addition to personal, electronic and logistical services, we offer the rental of work equipment through a leasing service, inspect customers’ fall protection equipment and lifting aids, mark the workwear we sell, and service equipment that requires maintenance.

Many of our services are the result of our customers ’wishes. Don’t hesitate to ask a new one.


Tool leasing is suitable for financing industrial furniture, repair shop equipment and other products used in industry, construction or repair shops. Leasing suits for equipment which technical and economic life are short and your company does not want to commit its assets to ownership.

  • By leasing, the customer gets the product and financing from the same place
  • When the amount of leasing payment is known, it is easier to plan budgets and funding
  • By leasing, it is easy for the customer to keep the equipment up to date
  •  No investments needed
  • The customer pays only for the use of the equipment, not for the ownership
  • Leasing payment is an expense deductible in accounting and taxation
  • Monthly leasing payment always includes equipment insurance

Workwear labeling

Labeled workwear is an affordable and effective way to communicate your business.
We do both monochrome and multicolor prints and embroidery. We can also mark personal work clothes with the name of the employee.

Maintenance and inspection services

We take care of the maintenance of our customers’ tools, regardless of the brand and place of purchase. We also carry out periodic inspections of personal protective equipment and lifting aids.

We pick up equipment that our customers need for service and return it repaired.